Top WordPress Plugins Every Developer Should Know

Top WordPress plugins for every Developers

WordPress is a useful platform designed for freshers as well as expert developers to do web work and thrive. Whatever the level of experience you have, a suite of the best WordPress plugins will help you get success. Here’s why.


For a developer, it is important to choose the best WordPress plugin to develop an easy user experience and reduce the pressure so that you can also do other tasks.


If you are a WordPress developer and looking for different ways that will help you work better, selecting the best WordPress developer plugin can evidently help you reduce time on WordPress websites. Yes, WordPress developer plugins are one of the most helpful tools that make the task of creating and nurturing sites more accessible and more productive.


Top 5 Plugins That Will Help WordPress Developers


It needs no more introduction that WordPress developer plugins help developers create better sites in a short time. So, here is a curated list of the top tools for every WordPress developer to work efficiently.


1. Query Monitor


Query Monitor is a top WordPress developer plugin that helps you get a sneak peek into the happenings going on under the hood of the site. With the help of it, you can easily access vast information for various pages in the WordPress admin or site’s front end. This includes an elaborate description of database questions, all enqueued CSS files, and JavaScript script packed in the page.


To begin Query Monitor, simply check the WordPress toolbar and click on it. This will further extend to a new panel, just like tools in Chrome Developer.


2. Debug Bar


Just like its name, Debug Bar is a WordPress plugin that helps experts to be top contenders in the list of WordPress developer by giving quick access to the information panel. It allows you to check technical details like database queries, request details, caching information and many more.


If you want to have access to the panel, click on the Debug option present on the WordPress toolbar. You will see the debug panel instantly appear without even reloading a page. After that, it will offer you all the relevant information about that page.


Moreover, you can get different plugins that help in extending the Debug Bar plugin. So, use these advanced debugging functionalities to customize the details according to your needs.


3. Developer


The Developer is the same group working behind This 100% free WordPress developer plugin provides a common toolkit for WordPress developers to ensure their efficiency in working at an optimal level of development.


So, activate this plugin and choose the right kind of project. Let the WordPress plugin help you design your development environment at the optimum level.


4. WP Control


WP Control makes sure to understand and manage all the things going on with the WP-Cron system. WordPress uses this system to schedule tasks based on time. For example, it is ideal to publish scheduled posts, inspect the available updates, and much more.


If you aren’t familiar with this amazing WP Control plugin, this system can view every cron event on WordPress, such as their recurrence, arguments, following schedule run, callback functions, etc. In addition, you can utilize it to improve the functionality of your site by adding an individualized cron event. Furthermore, this will take a scheduled backup on the WordPress site.


5. User Switching


User Switching is also a free WordPress plugin that is super handy for working on the WordPress site, allowing user registration more so if these users have different types of roles and efficiencies.


Some specimens include membership sites, forums, online courses, online stores, and social networking sites. Nonetheless, it could simply be a blog for creating a separate account for both authors as well as editors.


The best part of this plugin is that it permits switching to a user account quickly on the site with a single click on the link. Again, you can switch back to the original account by clicking once more.


When clients search for “hire dedicated WordPress developer, they look for the best experts in their respective fields. As the User Switching plugin works faster than most alternatives in opening a fresh incognito tab or logging into the user account, WordPress developers can choose this to work quicker and more efficiently.


Final Thoughts


If you are looking for the top WordPress developer plugins in the market, try these today! Being a WordPress developer, your job is to work on websites either for your clients or yourself. Thankfully, these top WordPress developer plugins can ideally assist you in adding vital features to the site and accessing crucial debug details. So, if you want some help to work much more efficiently while developing WordPress sites, the above-mentioned WordPress plugins can help!


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