10 Graphic Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

Graphic Design Trends

Today, let’s talk about design trends for 2024! What visual styles will be making waves and capturing eyes this year? There are so many bold and innovative aesthetics that speak to where we’re at culturally and environmentally. From experimental typography to inclusive imagery to nature-inspired motifs, we’ll highlight 10 key graphic design trends worth watching as 2024 unfolds. These forward-thinking styles have compelling backstories. Let me walk you through what to look out for!


AI-enhanced Design Practices


With AI now, we can whip up images, typefaces, color schemes, and even whole page layouts just from a line or two of text. This lets the graphic design company to through ideas like nobody’s business. Plus, AI is fantastic because it gives immediate tips on making things look better. Looking at 2024, we’re betting AI will be a regular thing in how designs come together. It’ll give designers some extra elbow room to flex their creative muscles by dealing with the boring stuff and throwing out wild design ideas.


Retro Pixels


Pixelstyle retro video games are making a comeback in 2024. Graphic designing services are are embracing old-school, chunky pixel graphics and fonts to create a look that takes us back to the ’80s and ’90s. Pixel art requires artists to be creative within limits, working with lower resolution options and a limited color palette.


Inclusive Visuals


Graphic design is becoming more inclusive. We’ll see people of various races, ethnicities, genders, ages, sizes, and abilities featured more in 2024’s designs. Images will show a broader range of human experiences and backgrounds. Colors and fonts will change to help those with color blindness or low vision see better. To Gain an edge over your competitors, you should hire graphic designer that can deliver this.


Experimental Typography


Typographic exploration will continue pushing boundaries. Expect extravagant fonts, wild effects, broken characters, overlapping letters, and inventive layouts. Designers will skew, warp, flip, repeat, and overlap types to create unexpected visuals. Vibrant gradients, neon effects, and textures will add flair. Experimental typography adds excitement and energy to designs when done creatively. Print layouts will also play with scale and negative space between letters in 2024.




Scrapbooking design, featuring layered photos, textured papers, handwritten scripts, and embellishments will gain popularity in 2024. The whole DIY vibe gets a lot of love because people like making stuff that looks homemade but still feels fresh. It stirs up new ideas for digital designs too as a graphic design company starts imitating real-world materials like paper scraps, strings or even sticky tape and thumbtacks in their online creations. On top of all the artsy touches, these designs use personal pics and bits that mean something special to people. That personal touch helps businesses look more authentic and down to earth when connecting with customers.


Heat Mapping


Heatmaps visualize levels of user engagement on websites and apps through color overlays. Reds indicate high traffic areas while greens show fewer clicks. Designers will increasingly use heatmaps in 2024 to guide layout choices. Placing important elements where users naturally gravitate improves usability. Heatmaps also identify underutilized spaces to refine design priorities.




Maximalism thrives on bold colors, busy patterns, varied textures, and ornate details. Dense and layered designs will rise in popularity after years of streamlined minimalism. Maximalism design echoes abundance, self-expression and imagination. To prevent visual clutter, graphic designers will use strategic composition, thoughtful color pairing, and smart hierarchy to create harmonious and engaging maximalist designs.


High Contrast and Bold Typography


We’ll see lots of bold, high contrast visuals that grab your attention and get the message across. Expect crisp blacks and whites, thick chunky fonts in bright hues, and whitespace that makes the bold elements pop. This vivid, easy-to-read approach will help you focus on the key details fast. High contrast design benefits both brands and users who want quick comprehension.


Accessible Color Combinations


Graphic design will continue shifting toward color accessibility in 2024. Combinations like blue with yellow and black with white help legibility, including for colorblind users. Graphic designing services will incorporate tools to test color contrast ratios and ensure text meets legibility standards. Beyond assisting users with visual impairments, accessible color choices improve designs overall through balanced use of color and strategic visual hierarchy.


Nature-Inspired Aesthetics


As climate worries rise, we expect to see more earth-inspired graphics in 2024. Designs that will channel the great outdoors through curvy bio-shapes, tree-hugging textures, and tones fresh from the garden. Leafy illustrations and wooden patterns will surround us as graphic design goes green. Evoking Mother Nature’s serenity, these eco-aware styles tap into the calm we find among the flowers and forests.




It’s safe to say we have an inspiring outlook for graphic design in 2024! With technology unlocking creativity and visuals getting more inclusive, it’s clear this field is headed in a thoughtful direction. From retro gaming nostalgia to nature’s calming motifs, these 10 trends reflect where we’re at and where we’re going to. The graphic design landscape is evolving before our eyes! Hire graphic designer to be part of this welcome change.


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