Importance of UI/UX Design for Website Development

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If you’re a brand that wants to have a strong internet presence, having a functional website is a non-negotiable item on the checklist. And when it comes to web development, there are two core aspects that you can’t separate from it – user interface and user experience. The reason for this is simple; they shape our interactions with a website and this makes them very important.


Statistics on UI/UX design have shown that about 94% of internet users get their first impression of a website from its design, and 88% of them will likely not revisit that website if they had a poor experience surfing it. This explains why website owners spend a lot on UI/UX design services.


This article covers the concept, benefits, and key principles of UI/UX designs for website development.


Understanding UI/UX Design


In the simplest terms, the user interface is the appearance of a website. When a website is easy to navigate even when you haven’t been there before, it means that a lot of thought went into its UI design.


As the visual aspect of website development, UI elements include the following:


  • Navigation components
  • Colors (it usually matches the brand’s identity)
  • Icons
  • Layout
  • Fonts


On the other hand, user experience entails three things – user-friendliness, functionality, and accessibility. It’s broader than UI design and involves more work which includes making your site responsive to any kind of device and ensuring a smooth browsing experience. It’s the job of a UI/UX design company to test the website with real users so they can identify and address problems with the user experience.


To create UI/UX designs that will be successful with your target audience, you have to consider their needs and preferences and ensure your website reflects that. This is possible via user research, usability testing, and iterating based on feedback to ensure that the final product meets the users’ expectations and requirements, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Benefits of Effective UI/UX Design


The following upsides stress the importance of user interface and user experience for website development:


  • Increased Conversions and Sales: website owners hire UI/UX designers primarily for this reason. A recent study on this service showed that a great UI can boost a site’s conversion rate by 200% while a smooth UX can achieve even twice that number. That’s because it’s easy for your visitors to find their way around your site and complete their desired actions without getting frustrated.
  • Increased User Engagement and Satisfaction: These are two things every brand aims to achieve with its website. When your site is aesthetic, caters to diverse preferences and needs, and is easy to navigate, users will be satisfied and will naturally want to spend more time on it.
  • Gives You a Competitive Advantage: this is another key reason UI/UX design services are in demand. With a competent hand on your website, you’ll have an army of customers who are loyal to your brand and only want to patronize you.


Key Principles of UI/UX Design


An excellent UI/UX design has to meet specific criteria, which typically contain the following:


  • A user-centered design approach
  • An intuitive and consistent navigation
  • A clear and concise content presentation
  • A responsive and adaptive design for multiple devices especially smartphone and tablets because roughly 55% of internet traffic comes from them.
  • A visually appealing and brand-consistent aesthetics
  • Accessibility for users with disabilities


Final Words


The main takeaway from this short read is that you can’t develop highly appealing and user-friendly websites or applications without an effective UI/UX design. By understanding user needs, adhering to design principles, and prioritizing usability and accessibility, businesses can deliver exceptional user experiences, drive conversions, and foster brand loyalty. So, if you want to remain competitive and inspire long-term loyalty from your customers, outsource your website development to a UI/UX design company.

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