10 Essential Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Shopify Developer

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We live in a time where people prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes or offices. And can you blame them? Why drive to the nearest convenience store when they can get what they want with a few clicks on their devices? Your guess is as good as mine. While this means good business for Shopify stores, you have to ensure that your site is the type that keeps potential customers long enough to make a purchase. This is why you should hire dedicated Shopify developer who can do the job and has the following qualities:


Expertise with Shopify


While it’s tempting to get a generic eCommerce developer, we recommend getting a specialist in Shopify development services. An experienced Shopify developer should have an in-depth knowledge of the platform, including themes, apps, customizations, and integrations. Hire someone who’s an expert in Shopify and has built multiple stores on the platform.


Strong Technical Skills


This is a must-have quality, and it’s not negotiable. A good Shopify developer should, at least, have expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid. Secondly, the developer must be well-versed in additional skills such as API integrations, server management, and cross-platform development. These are essential for building a Shopify store.


Creative Problem-Solving


E-commerce is a hub of complex challenges. So, when crafting a post for a Shopify developer for hire, ensure one of the qualities you include is someone who can think creatively to solve problems. You want someone who thinks about the box and can deliver the best solutions for your business.


Updated on Trends


The developer should be able to stay on top of the latest Shopify updates, features, apps, and e-commerce trends. This ensures they build you a modern, cutting-edge store using the most effective new solutions. The more in-tune your store is with the latest Shopify practices, the higher your chances of drawing more traffic, and this can translate to more conversions.


SEO Expertise


Ensure you hire a professional who understands how to optimize sites for search engine visibility. They should know techniques like metadata optimization, site speed improvements, and URL structuring to improve Shopify SEO. What’s the use of having a store online if no one buys from it? An SEO-friendly store is like a place of business in the city center.


Focus on User Experience


A developer who prioritizes a good user experience is going to create a store with a compelling appeal. When you visit such a site, you can’t help yourself but make a purchase. That’s because converting visitors into customers requires excellent user experiences. This includes intuitive interfaces, user-friendly features, and seamless checkouts to drive sales.


Strong communication


Clear communication and availability are essential when collaborating on an ongoing basis. Hire Shopify developer who is skilled in communicating and can respond promptly.


Portfolio and Reviews


These will tell you all you need to know about the developer. Before you hire one, you should ensure that they’re as good as advertised. This includes checking their previous Shopify projects and client testimonials to see if their skills and experience are validated.


Security Best Practices


We don’t think we should say this because it’s that obvious, but security is critical for an e-commerce site. Your Shopify developer should be capable of implementing best practices like SSL certificates, data encryption, and access management to enhance the security of your store. Every visitor wants to be assured that their financial and personal information is protected, and you must find someone who can do that.


Conversant with Mobile Optimization


According to Statista, the population of mobile phone consumers worldwide in 2023 was 7.33 billion. To tap into this ever-growing market, you need to hire Shopify developer that can make your site responsive to mobile devices. So, during your interviews, ask them about their experience with mobile platforms and how they test the final product.




Finding the right Shopify developer is super essential if you want to crush it in e-commerce. We can’t overemphasize that you should hire dedicated Shopify developer who knows the platform inside and out. Go for someone equipped with technical and problem-solving skills, stays on top of trends, cares about SEO, focuses on great user experiences and mobile optimization, communicates clearly, does awesome work with satisfied clients, and, above all, takes security seriously. If you prioritize these things, you’ll find a stellar Shopify partner who can build an amazing customized online store that converts visitors into happy customers.

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